Viggo Iversen from Ocean GeoLoop with the Siva Award

Ocean GeoLoop wins SIVA’s X-factor prize

Ocean GeoLoop is the first company to be awarded SIVA’s X-factor prize. The jury recognizes the company’s effort to develop technology for a holistic and efficient solution to the CO2-challenge. From the Left: Acting CEO Andreas Krüger Enge in Siva, Chief Operating Officer Viggo Iversen in Ocean GeoLoop, General Manager Glenn Alexander Jakobsen in Foamrox…

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Facsimile Dagens Næringsliv

Exciting times ahead for Ocean GeoLoop

Did you catch Ocean GeoLoop in Dagens Næringsliv (Norway’s Fincancial Times)? Facsimile from Dagens Næringsliv, Monday february 14th 2022. Published: – Last updated: Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Email We have many exciting milestones to look forward to in 2022: our first industrial pilot at Norske Skogs factory in Skogn in…

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