Geoloop Column

Geoloop Column

The novel, multi-functional, ocean-based dome-system is designed to manage inter alia the following tasks:

  • Ocean Oxygenation
  • Ocean filtration (capturing of run-offs from land)
  • pH stabilization – acidification prevention
  • Nutrient redistribution
  • Primary production stimulation (CO2 fixation enhancement)
  • Biomass farming
  • Biomass harvesting
  • Biomass sequestration
  • Fecal matter capture
  • Strengthening of the natural ocean pumps (biological/physical/solubility/carbonate)
GeoLoop Column

A large scale Geoloop Column prototype has been installed (June, 2021) at a selected location in the Trondheim Fjord, Norway. This prototype unit is undergoing an extensive test program, combined with further testing being performed in different labs. The key functionalities shall then be verified, and 24/7 monitoring and operating equipment installed.

It is intended to be a platform vehicle for a number of applications, with significant market potentials.

GeoLoop Column test campaign summer 2021 .
GeoLoop Column test campaign summer 2021 .

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