Point Source Carbon Capture

End of pipe solution

The “plug in solution” is easily integrated with the emitter, connecting directly into the chimney. This low complexity provides large savings compared to other carbon capture solutions.

Clean and green

The carbon capture and separation process is done without toxins, amines and other harmful chemicals providing HSE friendly operation.

Low footprint

The vertical process offers a small footprint. It is flexible and can be stacked based on local preferences.

Universal absorption technology

The robust process is designed to handle all flue gasses with minimal needs for special adoptions.  

Highly stable and safe operations

A robust and low risk process combined with minimal need for human interaction gives highly safe and stable operations.

Lower capex and operating costs

Small footprint and uncomplicated integration with the emitter will result in lower capex. The clean, robust and autonomous process gives cost effective operations.

The future is all-electric

Capturing CO2 is a necessary initial step to combat climate change.
The only permanent solution is to electrify the world. Electricity is by far the most efficient form of energy known to mankind.
What is needed, is a non-intermittent, 100% clean and renewable energy source. Ocean GeoLoop claims to have the solution, the e-LoopPowering Carbon Capture, Storage & Utilization is a start.

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