This year’s summer students Joined the Loop!

Happy and energic cohort of student Joining the Loop!

At OGL, we are genuinely interested in getting young people’s perspectives and input on what OGL is working on. Therefore, from the first year of operation, we have engaged students to “Join the Loop” and contribute to various activities and tasks.

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Ocean GeoLoop. Financial results for the first half of 2023

(Verdal, 7 September 2023) Ocean GeoLoop AS (Ocean GeoLoop, OSE:OCEAN), the green tech company developing multifunctional environmental technologies based on nature’s own processes, today announces revenues in the first half of 2023 of NOK 83.2 million (1H 2022:45.7). The company subsequently announced the successful 3000-hours milestone for the point-source carbon capture pilot at Norske Skog Skogn, Norway, and is now ready to pursue commercial agreements.

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Update on carbon capture development program

Ocean GeoLoop logo on top of wave

Our Carbon Capture technology is making solid progress towards commercial market launch.

We have run our industrial pilot plant at Norske Skog Skogn for 2000 hours and installed a scaled carbon Capture process installation in SINTEF’s premises in Trondheim. The long-term testing has provided further proof that the technology is most robust, also at industrial scale and conditions.

We gain new experience every day on how to optimize the technology, both at Skogn and Tiller. We have also developed a digital process model that allows for rapid extrapolation for various customers and customer segments.

“The development program yields solid results, and supports our expectations for industrial attractivity, scalability, process robustness and efficiency of the carbon capture technology. We look forward to intensify commercial activities with our industrial partners after summer,“ says Ocean GeoLoop CEO Odd-Geir Lademo.

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Ocean GeoLoop won the Powered by Telemark award

Ocean GeoLoop receiving the Telemark award!

Ocean GeoLoop won the Powered by Telemark award Odd-Geir Lademo in Ocean GeoLoop, receiving the Telemark award on behalf of the company. Photo: Powered by Telemark Published: 15. May 2023 – Last updated: 29. June 2023 Share on Linkedin The award honors our contribution to the collaborative culture, and our work with Yara International. This acknowledgement means a lot and confirms…

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