There is a strong organizational set up with partnerships and key personnel combining technical and industrial experience, launching commercial pilots in Mid-Norway.

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A statement from the Ocean GeoLoop team

It is a good rule to recycle - everything. After all, the world’s resources are limited. Recycling has become more than a slogan in recent years.

Still, the biggest challenge of our time, global warming, has been allowed to evolve into a problem of apocalyptic dimensions:  How? Largely because we do not recycle the flue-gas, the CO2-filled smoke entering the atmosphere when power plants and industry burn their fossil fuels. Most of the man-made CO2 in the air comes from this flue-gas, and lots of it also enters the oceans.  

Evidently, this is the place to start for any approach aiming at combating global warming and climate change. So, this is what we did, some of us in 1998, others joining a few years later (from 2006). It has taken years of hard work, years of frustrations, years of big expenses, but also years of scientifically exciting and patentable breakthrough-inventions. 

The results are presented below. From the multitude of testing we have performed over the years, both on land and in the open sea, we are convinced that what we have managed to develop, the Ocean GeoLoop, will offer a very strong and effective tool in addressing the global warming challenges we are facing. This does not guarantee that everything will work on time or as envisaged. The GeoLoop solutions will, however, deliver on so many levels, with so many back-up alternatives, that “nothing can stop us now”. It also helps to know that the most crucial part of the system, the micro-algae consumption by tunicates, the most tangible proof of the capture of CO2, has been operated very successfully at commercial levels in the ocean since 2010.

But, we need your help. A global collaboration between people is required. The potential benefits are overwhelming: We can manage this. Our solutions are not only self-financing, but will render substantial profits, while saving the environment. We don’t have a choice actually. Business as usual is not an alternative. 

So, let’s do it then, together!

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Anders Onarheim

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Ebbe Deraas

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Hans Kristian Hustad

  • Board member

Lars Sperre

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Morten Platou

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Ole Jørstad

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