Exciting times ahead for Ocean GeoLoop

Exciting times ahead for Ocean GeoLoop

Did you catch Ocean GeoLoop in Dagens Næringsliv (Norway's Fincancial Times)?

Facsimile Dagens Næringsliv

Facsimile from Dagens Næringsliv, Monday february 14th 2022.

Published: 14. February 2022 - Last updated: 25. October 2022

We have many exciting milestones to look forward to in 2022: our first industrial pilot at Norske Skogs factory in Skogn in Mid-Norway and our upcoming IPO, to mention some.

With our new and unique solutions for capturing CO2 emissions  we can capture as close to 100 percent as practically measurable of the CO2 emitted from point sources, without involvement of harmful chemicals, toxic minerals or pollutants.

Monday 14th Dagens Næringsliv published an interview with the founder of Ocean GeoLoop, Hans Gude Gudesen, and the Chairman of the board Anders Onarheim: