The solutions

Ocean GeoLoop has developed a set of disruptive technologies for capturing CO2 and either store it temporary or permanently in the deep ocean, at the sea-floor or in sub sea-floor acquifers or oil-gas reservoirs, or recycle it in industrial products..

Ocean GeoLoop has now several disruptive technologies in the pipeline, ready for commercial sized pilots. Early June a full scale prototype of one of these technologies was installed in sea close to Norske Skog Skogn. In parallel the company has developed a novel Carbon Capture technology. Experimental work has shown promising results and is verified by a recognized third party. The process is capable of capturing up to 100% of the CO2 in flue gas in a very simple and natural manner. After initial pre-treatment, no harmful chemicals are used. The process is energy efficient, clean and represents no harm to the environment.  The capture technologies can be supported by a third technology element, the e-Loop, enabling low cost energy supply from flue-gas.

We consider our CO2-capture technology an important contribution to fight the climate crisis in a cost effective way.


Combatting global warming by promoting carbon neutrality

  • The oceans absorb about 1/3 of all CO2 emissions, as part of the delicate balancing equilibrium between the atmosphere, the land sphere and the oceans. By withdrawing substantial amounts of point-source emissions to the atmosphere, the oceanic ability to act as global carbon and heat sink will be much improved.

Zero emission fossil power generation - via elimination of flue-gas/exhaust gas emissions

  • Achievable by transforming the flue-gas/exhaust gas into no-buoyancy nano-cavities stored in the deep ocean, at or under the seabed.

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